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Why Luwjistik

Save Time

Luwjistik offers a unified API platform with a single workflow, allowing clients to connect and communicate with multiple network partners quickly and effortlessly. With one API to manage, you save valuable time and resources, allowing you to focus on what really matters — without having to juggle multiple platforms and processes.

Save Money

Luwjistik offers direct access to more than 80 network partners globally through one platform, reducing the cost of setting up integrations as well as establishing commercial agreements with various partners. Additionally, we offer fixed rates to shield you from volatile cost fluctuations, making budgeting predictable and manageable.

New Revenue and Scalability

Luwjistik is designed with scalability in mind. As your business grows, you can easily expand your capabilities and increase your service offering to your customers. This flexibility makes it easier to take on new challenges and opportunities without having to switch or sign up to other platforms, or invest in additional tools.


Access to over 80+ SEA cross-border & domestic network partners in one unified platform, allowing LSPs to instantly close any gap in their first-mile to last-mile cross-border supply chain.

Core Features

Luwjistik is a multi-carrier shipping software that allows our clients to connect and expand their carrier network with one integration while maintaining full control of their supply chain on a single platform.

Extensive selection of regional network partners to cater to all logistics needs.

  • Network Partners Services – Trusted partners with First Mile, Freight Forwarder, Customs Clearance and Last Mile services

  • Seamless Integration – Connect with multiple network partners with our proprietary single API gateway

  • Transparent Rates – Gain access to fixed rates through Luwjistik with full transparency across the network

  • Network Partner Comparison – Each network partner profile offers full transparency into their performance and services, allowing clients to compare and choose the right ones for their needs.

Two simple and efficient ways to plan and optimise your supply chain: Modular and SRI.

  • With Modular, Luwjistik offers a flexible and customisable approach to designing a supply chain. Rather than relying on rigid, one-size-fits-all solutions, Modular empowers businesses to pick and choose from various service options from first to last mile, assembling a logistics solution that precisely aligns with the business’s needs.
  • Smart Routing International (SRI) is Luwjistik’s automated solution for optimising cross-border deliveries. SRI utilises extensive analytics on current data to provide businesses with the optimal combination of routes and network partners, based on their capability. 

Efficient system for order submission to enhance your supply chain.

  • Streamlined Order Processing – The system allows users to upload shipment details in batches or individually through a single interface. This solution streamlines the order processing workflow and reduces the manual effort of managing multiple shipments.

  • Centralised Visibility and Node Calculator – OMS provides centralised visibility into the entire logistics process with a single interface for all shipments. Users can easily monitor and manage shipments, reducing the risk of errors or overlooked orders. OMS also includes a Node Calculator that enhances cost visibility and management with automatic pre-calculation of the total costs involved with every shipment. 

  • Order Submission via API integration – Order can be submitted via our API to minimise unnecessary errors due to manual entry — while increasing efficiency when it comes to data transfer and management.

L-Freight introduces a new era of shipping efficiency, customising freight booking to elevate your shipment experience. Take advantage of group buy rates, accessing the best prices by consolidating shipments with other shippers on shared flights.

  • L-Freight Air
    L-Freight Air opens the door to effortless airfreight booking, providing unparalleled convenience and cost-effectiveness. Seamlessly book flights for your shipments, benefiting from the lowest prices based on combined weights with other shippers. Benefit from fixed and transparent prices for your B2B orders, ensuring stability and predictability in your logistics costs. Enjoy hassle-free airfreight shipping with L-Freight Air.
  • L-Freight Land
    L-Freight Land offers efficient trucking solutions to enhance your shipments, simplifying booking processes and providing cost-saving opportunities. L-Freight Land allows you to book trucking services with group buy rates, optimizing logistics costs. Enjoy the ease of fixed and transparent prices for your B2B orders, ensuring stability and predictability in transportation expenses. Streamline your land transportation processes and reap the benefits of streamlined shipping with L-Freight Land.

Efficient freight booking to enhance your shipment with group buy rates with other shippers.

    • Booking Flights Seamlessly – Take your pick of airfreight flights and pay the lowest price based on the combined weight of all shippers on the same flight.
    • Fixed and Transparent Prices – Get fixed and transparent prices  for B2B orders that are locked for one year. Zero rate fluctuations.

Gain access and communicate directly with our client support and selected network partners using an intuitive chat interface.

  • Direct Communication – With all communication within the Luwjistik platform, you will be able to monitor and track conversations to ensure prompt responses for resolutions in the event of any disputes. 

Smart sortation system to optimise your order fulfilment with efficient bagging methods through algorithmic calculations.

  • Scan & Bag – Scan the Order ID and let our system recommend the appropriate bag. Follow the on-screen instructions for hassle-free sorting, eliminating the need for manually checking barcodes.
  • Track & Trace – Track the status of multiple parcels within a single bag effortlessly using a unique bag ID tracking number, providing comprehensive visibility for all parcels in the bag.

Analytics dashboard breaking down the performance of your deliveries.

  • Real-Time Visibility – The dashboard shows real-time insights for delivery performance, enabling swift actions to address issues as they occur.

  • Operational Efficiency – Metrics tracking aids managers in identifying logistics inefficiencies, leading to data-based improvements.

  • Performance Benchmarking – The dashboard compares current performance with historical data and industry standards, guiding goal-setting and evaluating optimisation success.

Streamlined order submission system for your end-customers with real-time visibility on a white-labelled interface.

  • Enhanced Shipment Control – OMS Lite empowers customers with greater shipment flexibility.

  • Performance Metrics – Data-driven performance dashboard for logistics efficiency assessment and improvement.

  • Customisable order status – Allows you to customise order statuses based on your specific workflows; you have the flexibility to define and modify the quality of the shipments according to your requirements and internal processes.

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