Tuesday, 07 September 2021 - 06:57:47 (GMT+8)
Introducing the age of truly connected logistics that is Seamless with direct partner access, streamlined workflows and efficient data management.​

Driven by veterans from the technology, logistics and eCommerce, Luwjistik connects the dots across supply chains. Powered by robust APIs, our integrated platform enables direct access to network partners, complete transparency and greater ease of cross border movements.​

Our Approach
Direct access to close to 30 network partners across Southeast Asia, covering the entire supply chain; connect with service providers that best meets your needs​
Standardised workflows and cost-transparency mean navigating cross-border movements, from first-mile and mid-mile to customs clearance and last-mile delivery, with ease and confidence
A single API integration ensures fast, secure and efficient data management; direct messaging, contracts signing, document sharing and payment processing all from one place

Our Platform

Our SaaS Service
Luwjistik serves as an API bridge between clients and network partners, connecting them directly to the service providers of their choice.
Our SaaS platform brings together our clients, network and knowledge on navigating complex cross-border challenges in fragmented regions such as Southeast Asia. A single API integration provides complete oversight over your supply chain while expanding your logistics infrastructure. Connect with the right partner, communicate and transact, and tap on streamlined processes that make cross-border logistics fast, simple and secure.​

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