About Us

Empowering Logistics Companies Through Innovation

Luwjistik is not just a technology company in the logistics industry. It is a Value-Creation organisation that’s building a sustainable supply chain for the future of all logistics companies.

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The Journey

In October 2022, Luwjistik became part of the Shippit group — a new phase in a journey that started on 6 June 2021 when Luwjistik was founded.

Luwjistik began as a technology enabler with zero assets. It aimed to develop technology tailored to logistic service providers of every size that helps them expand their network and increase their capabilities efficiently and cost-effectively.

With Luwjistik, companies can design, build and control their supply chains on a single platform (and leverage Luwjistik’s proprietary unified API) to enjoy the multiplier effect within our collaborative environment as we onboard more network partners from new markets.

Our Vision

To build a sustainable supply chain for the future by establishing the world’s largest virtual logistics network, which focuses on collaboration and cooperation.

Our Mission

We will transform the future of logistics by enabling and empowering logistics companies to be part of a global supply chain through innovation and technology.

Our Founders


Syed Ali Ridha Madihid

After 16 years in corporate management working with the likes of Expeditors, SATS Cargo and Zalora, Madihid founded his first start-up, iCommerce Asia, in 2016. After ceasing operations in 2018 and with the learnings from his first venture, he co-founded Janio, another logistics start-up which focused on disrupting the B2C eCommerce last mile industry and counts Vertex, Sequoia, Insignia and Beenext as investors.


Wong Yingming

An entrepreneur with experience in retail and eCommerce who has built and managed teams, brands, and businesses throughout Southeast Asia. Yingming began his career with Nike before establishing a digital consultancy that assisted brands with their digital initiatives. He has also helped companies establish partnerships and operations and expand their presence in the region.

Leadership Team

Syed Ali Ridha Madihid

Chief Empowerment Officer

Wong Yingming

Chief Strategy Officer

Thiery Wong

Group Financial Controller

Dinda Dwi Dianti

Chief of Staff

Lee Meng Ran

Product Lead


Engineering Co-Lead

Mohammad Virandry

Engineering Co-Lead

Tim Yang

Head of Marketing

Awards & Recognition