Essential Guide to Shipping from Singapore to China

How Much Does it Cost to Ship from Singapore to China?

Here are some general estimates in SGD:

  • For a small package (under 2kg) and using air freight:
    • Door-to-door: SGD$45 – SGD$150
    • Port-to-port: SGD$30 – SGD$100
  • For a larger package (over 2kg) and using sea freight:
    • Door-to-door: SGD$70 – SGD$250
    • Port-to-port: SGD$50 – SGD$200

Here are some examples of shipping costs from Singapore to China in Singapore dollars (SGD):

Courier Delivery Time Price (2kg)
JustShip 2 – 5 Days SGD$57.98
FedEx International Priority 1 – 3 Days SGD$256.24
SF Express 2 – 5 Days SGD$79.98

These are just starting prices, and the actual cost may be higher depending on the abovementioned factors.

The cost of shipping from Singapore to China in Singapore dollars (SGD) depends on several factors:

  1. Weight and dimensions of your package: The heavier and bigger your package, the more it will cost to ship.
  2. Shipping method: You can choose between air freight (fastest but most expensive) or sea freight (slower but cheaper).
  3. Delivery service level: You can choose between door-to-door (courier picks up and delivers the package) or port-to-port (you or your agent handle the pickup and delivery).
  4. Choice of courier: Different couriers offer different rates.

How Much Will It Cost to Ship to China?

The cost of shipping will vary depending on several factors.

Shipping method:

  • Air Mail: The fastest option, ranging from SGD$10 to $80+, depending on the provider and desired delivery speed.
  • Sea Freight: The slowest and cheapest option, around SGD$15 to $50+, depending on the provider and desired delivery speed.

Delivery service:

  • Door-to-door: More expensive than port-to-port delivery, adding around SGD$10 to $20+.
  • Port-to-port: Cheaper but requires collection at the destination port.


  • Singapore Post offers various airmail options, from SGD$10 for basic mail to $14 for registered packages.
  • FedEx: Another reliable option with various service levels, starting from around SGD$30.
  • Other couriers: Many other couriers operate in Singapore, offering competitive rates.

Here are some estimated costs for shipping a 1kg package from Singapore to China:

Method Delivery Time Estimated Cost (SGD)
Singapore Post Air Mail 5-10 business days $10-$14
FedEx International Priority 1-3 business days $30-$70
Sea Freight 20-40 days $15-$50

Here are the cheapest ways to ship parcels up to and above 2kg from Singapore to China.

Up to 2kg:

Company Estimated Cost (SGD) Delivery Time (Days) Tracking Pros Cons
Singapore Post Airmail SGD$10-15 5-10 Yes Affordable, reliable, familiar Slower than other options
EasyParcel SGD$15-20 5-8 Yes Competitive rates, multiple shipping options May require consolidation
JustShip SGD$17-25 5-8 Yes Convenient pick-up and drop-off points Limited delivery options
SF Express SGD$25-35 5-7 Yes Affordable, reliable, good customer service Limited tracking information

Above 2kg:

Company Estimated Cost (SGD) Delivery Time (Days) Tracking Pros Cons
LCL Sea Freight SGD$50-100 20-40 Yes Most cost-effective for large/heavy packages Slower than air freight
Easyship SGD$70-150 5-10 Yes Consolidate packages for cost savings Requires upfront research
Parcel Monkey SGD$80-180 5-10 Yes Compare rates from various providers Limited control over shipping details
FedEx International Priority SGD$100-250 1-3 Yes Reliable, various service levels Expensive for larger packages
Please note: These are estimated costs based on average prices and may vary depending on your package’s specific size, weight, and destination. It is always recommended to compare rates from different providers before booking your shipment.