Essential Guide to Shipping from Singapore to Malaysia for 2024

How Much Does it Cost to Ship from Singapore to Malaysia?

The cost of shipping from Singapore to Malaysia depends on several factors, including:

  • Weight and size of the parcel: Heavier and larger parcels will cost more to ship.
  • Shipping speed: Express shipping options will be more expensive than standard shipping options.
  • Courier service: Different courier services offer different prices.

Here’s a table to give you an idea of the shipping costs from Singapore to Malaysia:

Weight (kg) SingPost (Standard) SingPost (Express) NinjaVan EasyParcel
0.5 SGD 5.00 SGD 10.50 SGD 3.82 SGD 6.58
1 SGD 7.00 SGD 14.50 SGD 5.82 SGD 9.58
2 SGD 9.00 SGD 18.50 SGD 7.82 SGD 12.58
3 SGD 11.00 SGD 22.50 SGD 9.82 SGD 15.58
5 SGD 15.00 SGD 28.50 SGD 13.82 SGD 21.58
10 SGD 20.00 SGD 38.50 SGD 23.82 SGD 36.58

Please note: These are just estimated prices. The actual shipping cost may vary depending on the specific details of your shipment.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind:

  • Remote area surcharge: Some courier services may charge a surcharge for deliveries to remote areas in Malaysia.
  • Customs duties and taxes: You may be responsible for paying customs duties and taxes on your shipment, depending on the value of the goods.
  • Insurance: You may want to consider purchasing shipping insurance to protect your goods in case they are lost or damaged during transit.

What is the Cheapest Way to Ship to Malaysia?

SingPost Standard is regarded as the cheapest way to ship from Singapore to Malaysia and often offers the most competitive rates for small and medium-sized packages, especially under 2kg. It provides reliable delivery within a reasonable timeframe of 5-7 business days.

Here are the cheapest ways to ship from Singapore to Malaysia in a table.

Rank Courier Service Price Range (< 2kg) Price Range (> 2kg) Notes
1 SingPost Standard SGD 5 – SGD 11 SGD 15 – SGD 25 Reliable and affordable for small and medium parcels.
2 NinjaVan SGD 3.82 – SGD 7.82 SGD 9.82 – SGD 13.82 Competitive rates, good for lightweight packages, frequent promotions.
3 EasyParcel SGD 6.58 – SGD 12.58 SGD 15.58 – SGD 21.58 Compares rates from multiple couriers and flexible options.
4 Pos Laju Economy Air SGD 7 – SGD 12 SGD 17 – SGD 25 Affordable for small parcels, good network coverage.
5 J&T Express SGD 5.82 – SGD 9.82 SGD 11.82 – SGD 17.82 Fast and reliable, competitive prices.
6 KEX Express (Formerly ABX) SGD 6.90 – SGD 13.90 SGD 14.90 – SGD 23.90 Door-to-door pick-up is affordable for medium parcels.
7 Teleport SGD 8 – SGD 14 SGD 16 – SGD 24 Same-day delivery in major cities, competitive rates.
8 Line Clear SGD 6 – SGD 12 SGD 12 – SGD 22 Affordable for smaller parcels, fast delivery within Malaysia.
9 Flash Express SGD 7 – SGD 13 SGD 13 – SGD 23 Free door-to-door pick-up and fast delivery within Malaysia.
10 Pickupp SGD 7 – SGD 14 SGD 14 – SGD 24 Flexible delivery options, good for oversized parcels.
  • These are estimated price ranges based on standard shipping speeds and average package sizes. Actual prices may vary depending on the specific details of your shipment.
  • Additional charges for remote area deliveries, customs duties and taxes, and extra services like insurance and signature confirmation may apply.
  • It’s recommended to compare rates from different couriers before deciding, as prices may change over time.

Which Courier Service is the Best from Singapore to Malaysia?

Here is a table of the best courier services from Singapore to Malaysia according to various factors.
Courier Service Price Speed Reliability Malaysia Coverage Customer Service Popularity
SingPost Affordable Moderate Good Extensive Average High
NinjaVan Competitive Moderate Good Extensive Good High
EasyParcel Varies Varies Varies Varies Varies Moderate
Pos Laju Moderate Moderate Good Extensive Varies Moderate
J&T Express Competitive Fast Good Extensive Good Moderate
UPS High Fast Very Good Extensive Excellent Low
FedEx High Fast Very Good Extensive Excellent Low
Teleport Competitive Fast Good Limited Good Moderate
Line Clear Affordable Moderate Good Moderate Average Moderate
Flash Express Affordable Fast Good Moderate Average Moderate
Pickupp Moderate Varies Good Moderate Good Moderate