Case Studies

How Collaborating With Luwjistik Allowed Lion Parcel To Introduce A Cross-Border Product

Lion Parcel faced challenges in meeting the escalating demand on its international shipping routes and needed help managing the increasing volume of shipments along these lanes.

In addition, their goal of expanding into new countries required Lion Parcel to establish connections with multiple network partners, demanding significant time and financial investments. 

That’s when they turned to Luwjistik’s Lion innovative SRI (Smart Routing International) solution.

Download this case study to learn how Lion Parcel leveraged SRI to dynamically allocate resources and optimise its capacity to match the fluctuating demand on international lanes, allowing Lion Parcel to expand its network more effectively.

About Lion Parcel

Lion Parcel (PT Lion Express) is an Indonesian logistics company serving first- and last-mile for domestic and international deliveries. Lion Parcel’s delivery network currently reaches 98% of sub-districts across 34 provinces in Indonesia. 

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