Case Studies

How Luwjistik Helped Crane Worldwide Logistics To Optimise Supply Chain Expansion And Efficiency

Crane Worldwide Logistics’s existing supply chain infrastructure struggled to accommodate its growing operations. 

It heavily depended on third-party service providers for end-to-end supply chain solutions. This introduced complexities and inefficiencies due to a lack of transparency and limited CWL’s control over the entire process.

That’s when it turned to Luwjistik’s existing logistic network to control the workflows and establish preferred network partners.

Download this case study to learn how Crane Worldwide Logistics leveraged Luwjistik to successfully accommodate its expansion needs without significant changes to its infrastructure. 

About Crane Worldwide Logistics

Crane Worldwide Logistics is a leader in supply chain solutions with over 130 locations across 30 countries, providing individual services that address its client’s logistics challenges.

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