Start, Scale and Upgrade Your Logistics Operation With One Unified Platform

Add new logistics capabilities, expand across SEA & improve customer experience with our all-in-one freight and parcel shipping solution.

Start - Add New Logistics Capabilities Instantly

For businesses that want to start a logistics operation.

Kickstart B2B and B2C shipments on one unified platform.

Luwjistik’s turn-key Order Management System provides businesses new to logistics with an instant end-to-end delivery operation.

Our L-Freight and L-Parcel features offer batch order submission and real-time tracking for domestic and international B2B and B2C deliveries across Southeast Asia and beyond.

Make shipping costs entirely predictable.

Shipping rates across our network of delivery partners are pre-negotiated and transparently displayed. Through a cross-border Node Calculator, we offer precise cost details from the first to the last mile, including customs duties.

The rates are all-inclusive, providing accurate estimations of shipping fees and reducing cost volatility and surprises. For added cost assurance, you can Bring Your Own Rates (BYOR) if you have existing contracts with delivery partners while enjoying the convenience of the Luwjistik platform.

Expand into freight or parcel services without high capital investment.

Companies can instantly start B2B or B2C shipments through our L-Freight and L-Parcel features, eliminating the need to invest in assets like fleets.

Our API integration assists companies in connecting with suitable partners that cater to their shipping demands, enabling them to commence operations without the hassle of managing assets.

Scale - Expand Across the Region Effortlessly

For regional LSPs and carriers to scale efficiently and cost-effectively

Completely customise and control your supply chain.

With Luwjistik’s L-Control, you can fully customise your workflows and choose network partners for each lane and leg of the delivery journey.

This gives you complete control and flexibility to add lanes to your service offerings or to increase seasonal capacity depending on customer demand. All rates are transparent and available for review, allowing you to make the best choice for cost control.

Expand cross-border lanes easily and seamlessly.

Luwjistik provides instant access to a Marketplace of 80+ courier, freight and customs partners across 22 countries with a single API. This effectively eliminates the complexities of sourcing, contracting and integrating network partners.

In addition, leverage our comprehensive performance dashboard, which provides critical metrics of each network partner for continuous optimisation and helps improve efficiency.

Automatically optimise cross-border routes for cost and efficiency.

Luwjistik offers a powerful route optimisation option called SRI – Smart Routing International.

Using advanced data analytics, SRI automatically  plans and selects the most optimal routes and network partners for each shipment. This saves costs and provides a simplified hassle-free shipping experience every time.

Upgrade - Improve Your Customer Experience

For LSPs and shippers to retain customers and build loyalty

Provide your end-customers more control over their own shipments.

Luwjistik’s value-added tools elevate your end-customer experiences and enhance operational efficiency.

Empower your customers (merchants) with our Order Management System (OMS) Lite and customisable status mapping to manage and track their orders seamlessly with an interface that carries your branding.

Empower end-customers to directly communicate with network partners.

Allow your end-customers to communicate directly with the carriers and couriers and streamline customer service enquiries with our built-in L-Chat messenger.

Streamlining your customers fulfilment process with UR-L

With Luwjistik’s UR-L feature, your merchant customers can seamlessly integrate their Shopify eCommerce platform to your OMS-Lite.

This allows them to efficiently track and fulfill their end-customers’ orders.

Experience It For Yourself

You’ll be amazed at how simple and easy Luwjistik makes logistics. Contact us for a demonstration today.