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Industry Report: State of Logistics in Southeast Asia 2023

Industry Report: State of Logistics in Southeast Asia, 2023​

State of Logistics in Southeast Asia 2023Of all the regions in the world, Southeast Asia is particularly complex for logistics.

  • Ten member nations in ASEAN, each with its intricacies, raise challenges to efficiency and standardisation in the logistics sector. This, in turn, influences the quality and competitiveness of logistics services.
  • In addition, rising transportation costs have surged over 900% in the last few years, driven by recovering consumer demand, climbing fuel prices and port congestion.
  • In some ASEAN member states, logistics costs account for up to 20% of the price of finished goods, almost double the global average.

So, how will logistics companies navigate these challenges, and what opportunities are there?

This industry report clarifies this question – and much more – to aid logistics service providers in making strategic decisions.

In this report, you will learn:

  • Outlook of the logistics industry in Southeast Asia, focusing on four of the biggest markets – Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore
  • The top 5 last mile network partners in Southeast Asia
  • One solution logistics companies are increasingly deploying to manage the complexities of logistics in Southeast Asia and reduce their operational costs.