Press Release

Luwjistik Launches Industry Report on Logistics in Southeast Asia With Insights on Last Mile Delivery Partners

Singapore – Luwjistik, the leading logistics Software-as-a-Service company in the region, has released the first industry report covering the logistics sector in Southeast Asia.

The report, entitled “State of Logistics in Southeast Asia”, includes an outlook on the logistics industry in Southeast Asia, focusing on the challenges and growth opportunities in four of the biggest markets – Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam. 

It also contains insights into logistics network partners in Southeast Asia and a selection of the region’s top five last-mile network partners – based on performance metrics such as their average lead time and success rate.

“We are releasing this report to clarify the logistics industry in Southeast Asia, allowing logistics service providers to make more well-informed strategic decisions, “said Syed Ali Ridha Madihid, the co-founder and CEO of Luwjistik. “Southeast Asia is particularly complex for the logistics sector. Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) and e-commerce enablers must navigate a fragmented landscape with inefficiencies and a lack of standardisation that raises cost control and operations challenges. 

“We hope this industry report provides transparency and clear roadmaps for the logistics industry to take advantage of the opportunities in the region,” added Syed Ali.

In addition, the report offers an in-depth analysis of the region’s current trade dynamics, market potential, and future growth prospects. It also covers critical aspects, such as the overview of the Southeast Asian cross-border trade landscape, including trade volumes, significant countries involved, and critical factors driving growth. 

State of Logistics in Southeast Asia is free and downloadable on the Luwjistik website. For more information about Luwjistik or the industry report, please get in touch with Intan Novhela at

Luwjistik is a Software-as-a-Service platform that empowers logistics companies to scale their cross-border and domestic delivery operations. It easily connects clients to a peer-rated marketplace of nearly 100 network partners across 20 countries, provides standardised workflows and cost transparency from end to end, and offers a smart API interface that gives clients real-time data on their delivery operations with just a single integration to improve performance and cost-efficiency.