The Essential Guide To The EZWAY App For Taiwan Customs Clearance

To simplify handling customs declaration authorisation issues for Real-Name Authentication (RNA), the Ministry of Finance of Taiwan launched an authentication app called EZWAY.

All consignees in Taiwan, including citizens and non-citizens, are required to undergo pre-registration and pre-consignee clearance for imported shipments in EZWAY.

Therefore, it is essential for all logistics companies and their consignees importing goods into Taiwan to understand EZWAY better. That’s why we are providing the following information:

What is RNA and EZWAY?

Effective July 1st 2022, Taiwan’s Customs Administration implemented the Real-Name Authentication (RNA) mechanism.

The RNA mechanism aims to increase transparency by authenticating deliveries and avoiding fake or stolen identities in cases where some consignees would attempt to import packages by using the identity of another to avoid Taiwan’s tariffs or other duties.

RNA is done through the EZWAY mobile application, launched in 2018, to integrate the information of multiple parties involved in customs clearance in the supply chain, simplify handling customs declaration authorisation issues, and protect the public’s personal information.

Through EZWAY, consignees in Taiwan are required to be the formal importer of record (IOR) for all imported packages, including business-to-business and consumer-to-consumer shipments. Consignees can also use EZWAY for all types of shipments, excluding documents.

The application is available for download on both Android and Apple phones.

What Do Your Consignees Need to Do?

All consignees of shipments entering Taiwan must download the EZWAY application and go through a one-time registration with their mobile number.

With this, consignees in Taiwan will not need to provide any copies of their identification to clear their imports at customs moving forward.

Consignees must carry out the pre-authentication process through the EZWAY application for each shipment; otherwise, authorities will reject the parcel at customs. Should the consignee not pre-register and pre-authenticate the shipments within 7 days of arrival, the goods will be returned to the shipper. Bond storage charges may apply during the period when the shipment was held.

What is Your Role as a Logistics Service Provider?

If shipping to Taiwan, you must ensure your consignees have downloaded the EZWAY application and signed up for RNA before sending the shipment.

When uploading the shipment order, ensure you input the same information your consignee has put into EZWAY.

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up and Using EZWAY

Taiwan’s Customs Administration has published a step-by-step guide for consignees from setting up EZWAY to using the application for customs clearance. You can share it with your consignees in Taiwan. The link to it is here.