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Top Performing Last Mile Network Partners in Southeast Asia 

Choosing the right network partner can make all the difference in the success of delivery operations.

In a McKinsey survey of e-commerce customers in Southeast Asia, the most significant pain point with eCommerce logistics was delivery delays. Other common complaints were slow speed, poor customer service, damaged packages, and poor tracking functionality – outcomes that the choice of network partners can mitigate.

We have gathered comprehensive data on our regional network partners throughout the past six months, enabling us to provide an overview of the top-performing profiles. Our selection process considered their performance, including the average lead time, the average SLA success rate, and the SLA resolution time.

(Source: Top 5 Network Partners by Luwjistik shipping data in Q1-Q2 of 2023)

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In Q1-Q2 of 2023, DHL eCommerce, QXpress, World Asia Logistics, GDEX, and SH Road Network emerged as the top network partners in Southeast Asia. Let’s delve into the performance breakdown of these leading network partners in the region in Q1-Q2 of 2023:

(Source: Top 5 of the Average Lead Time of Last Mile Network Partners by Luwjistik shipping data in Q1-Q2 of 2023)

These average lead times of our Last Mile Network Partners are based on different zones. In Malaysia, the coverage zones include Klang Valley, Peninsular, and East Malaysia. Meanwhile, in Singapore, the zone is Singapore. Regarding the zones of these average lead times, here is the breakdown of the top 5 of the average Success Rate and the top 5 of the resolution time of our Last Mile Network Partners.

(Source: Top 5 of the Average Succes Rate of Last Mile Network Partners by Luwjistik shipping data in Q1-Q2 of 2023)

(Source: Top 5 of the Resolution Times of Last Mile  Network Partners by Luwjistik shipping data in Q1-Q2 of  2023)

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Acknowledging that each NP displays a different and unpredictable resolution time is crucial. This variability stems from the contrasting logistics procedures employed in each destination country, and the figures depicted in the chart above are subject to fluctuation rather than static values.

Profiles of Top Network Partners

Here is the breakdown of our top network partners in Southeast Asia:

1. DHL eCommerce Solutions

DHL eCommerce Solutions, a division of the renowned logistics company DHL, is a world leader in domestic and international parcel delivery. With 35,000+ skilled professionals, DHL moves over a billion parcels annually, expanding businesses’ reach beyond borders.

DHL caters to diverse customers with tailored products and services. Whether a private customer sends a local parcel, a small business requiring standard domestic delivery, or a large e-commerce enterprise seeking streamlined shipping solutions, DHL eCommerce Solutions provides tailored options to accommodate all requirements.

These solutions are bolstered by the company’s customer experience, which is fortified by three key attributes provided by DHL eCommerce Solutions:

  • Tracking shipments provides transparency and peace of mind throughout delivery.
  • Their dedicated Customer Services are accessible worldwide, ensuring prompt assistance and support whenever necessary.
  • Recognising the urgency to adopt sustainable practices in a rapidly expanding global e-commerce industry, DHL eCommerce Solutions has taken a proactive approach to becoming a sustainability leader.

As a leading logistics company, DHL eCommerce Solutions takes extensive steps to impact the environment positively. They utilise greener transport, operate energy-efficient facilities, employ more innovative route planning, and actively reduce packaging waste. With these sustainability initiatives, DHL eCommerce Solutions offer sustainable products, prioritises employee well-being, and upholds ethical governance standards for integrity and transparency.

Besides the company’s outstanding achievements and endeavours, DHL eCommerce Solutions boast an impressive average lead time of 2 days, a combined success rate of 95%, and its resolution time is 10 hours. Through its substantial growth, DHL eCommerce Solutions has emerged as a premier collaborator, delivering exceptional domestic and international parcel services as a trusted partner.

2. QXpress

Qxpress is a top E-commerce logistics provider established in 2011. It aims to lead the field by creating a worldwide network for logistics services. Qxpress offers services tailored to support E-commerce businesses, including Smart Delivery, which uses advanced AI to make cross-border trade delivery faster and more cost-effective. The company also operates domestic delivery services in multiple countries and strategically places warehouses in Southeast Asia for comprehensive services.

Qxpress is known for its reliable and value-added service. It offers Smart Cargo Shipping for global cargo shipping, manages customs paperwork, and provides last-mile delivery. Qxpress also offers Qtrading for E-commerce import/export and IT platform establishment and consulting services. It ensures fast, secure, and dependable express delivery worldwide.

QXpress has achieved exceptional performance in the logistics industry. According to our survey findings, QXpress excels in operational efficiency, with a combined average lead time of 1 day and a combined average success rate of 99% for its services, and the resolution time is 7 hours. These statistics highlight QXpress’s outstanding performance and establish it as a top-notch logistics provider for cross-border trade in Southeast Asia.

3. World Asia Logistics

World Asia Logistics (WAL), established on July 8, 2011, is a distinguished logistics company that goes beyond timely cargo delivery. It offers comprehensive solutions encompassing air and ocean freight, door-to-door shipping, courier services, and E-Commerce logistics. According to their company’s profile report, WAL is committed to delivering exceptional service.

WAL has successfully undertaken milestone projects, including LIMA Langkawi 2015, LIMA 2017, and DSA Exhibitions 2016. They have also handled a charter flight transporting 110 tonnes of Bank Notes to Uganda. With an annual movement of 1,200 tonnes of cargo to East Malaysia, WAL has developed the SPEEDBOX E-Commerce comparison platform to cater to the growing market. The report confirms they have partnered with Maskargo SEND as their official partner for the peninsular and East Malaysia regions.

Renowned for their efficient customs clearance and reliable last-mile delivery, WAL ensures a smooth and uninterrupted experience from customs procedures to the final delivery at customers’ doorsteps. Their achievements result from their exceptional dedication to work, highly skilled workforce, and fruitful collaborations. Our data convey that WAL stands out as the leading logistics provider for cross-border trade in Southeast Asia, boasting a combined average lead time of 2 days and an impressive combined average success rate of 100% for its services, and the resolution time is 14 hours.


GD Express (GDEX) is a leading logistics company in Southeast Asia that uses advanced technology to enhance shipping services. Since its establishment in 1997, GDEX has increased and offers reliable express delivery, freight transportation, and logistics solutions. Their services include domestic and international express delivery, air, sea, and land freight transportation, e-commerce solutions, reverse logistics, and value-added services.

With an extensive network of offices, distribution centres, and partners, GDEX efficiently handles shipments across significant cities and towns in Malaysia and collaborates with international courier partnerships for global shipments. They provide a user-friendly website and mobile apps for customers to track parcels, receive real-time notifications, and obtain proof of delivery.

GDEX continuously strives to improve their processes and customer support, recently launching GDEX 2.0 to enhance its service further. GDEX 2.0 aims to create a platform-based system that regularly introduces new and effective products and solutions for customers. As a leading logistics provider in Southeast Asia, GDEX’s exceptional logistics operations are reflected in their combined average lead time of 2 days for their services, an impressive combined average success rate of 91%, and the resolution time is 12 hours. These figures demonstrate GDEX’s strong performance and establish it as the preferred logistics partner for cross-border trade in Southeast Asia.

In addition to its business goals, GDEX is committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR). They prioritise sustainable practices, environmental protection, community support, and employee well-being. By incorporating CSR into its operations, GDEX aims to positively impact society while maintaining its reputation as a trustworthy and effective logistics provider.

5. SH Road Network

SH Road Network is a logistics company founded in 2013 and based in Singapore. They are known for their reliable and efficient road transportation services. The company has a strong reputation in the industry and offers a wide range of logistics solutions.

They initially focused on serving multinational corporations in electronics, semiconductors, equipment, and chemicals. Regarding their services, one of SH Road Network’s strengths is their quick delivery times. They have an impressive combined average lead time of 2 days for their services, contributing to their combined average success rate of 95%, and the resolution time is 12 hours.

SH Road Network provides various services, including air-freight ground handling, warehousing and inventory management, transport, and project logistics. They have 24/7 availability for air-freight ground handling and collaborate with customs clearance service providers for smooth import and export processes. They also offer secure warehousing facilities and assembly services for efficient inventory management.

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